Additional Search Result Packages

What are Additional Search Result Packages?

These are the "additional credit packages" that you can offer to your customers if they would like more search results.

For example, using the graph below, if I was to purchase 5,000 search results from ColdScrape for $500, my cost per search result is $0.10.

Now, knowing that my cost is $0.10 / search result, I could then create a additional search result package for my white label customers and charge them $0.20 / search result or $1,000 for 5,000 search results.

If a customer was to purchase my package for $1,000 I would make a profit of $500 instantly.

Create New Additional Search Result Packages

This is how you increase the LTV (lifetime value) of your customers by selling them more of what they are already using and liking.

Product Name

This is the name your customers will see. We recommend keeping this name super simple and short.

Product Description

This is an optional field that will give customers a bit more information on what this additional search results package is.

Pricing Tier

This represents the different options of plans you can create for your customers to choose from.


This is the currency that your customers will see when purchasing.

The following currencies are supported:

  • US Dollar ($)

  • British Pound (£)

  • Euro (€)

  • Canadian Dollar (CA$)


Price per additional search result packages.

Search Results (Businesses)

This is the amount of search results you want to include in each package.

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