Contacts (Email Address)

Contact (Business Email)

A "contact" is an email address that has been found to be associated with that businesses website. (ex. The website of the business found could be and the contact found is

It is crucial to understand that a business may have multiple email addresses associated with it.

Our platform is designed to identify and return all email addresses related to a business.

You are only charged for the identification of a business with at least one email address.

In cases where multiple emails are discovered, we provide all identified emails at no additional cost.

This policy guarantees that you receive all available contact information, enhancing your outreach efforts without incurring extra charges for multiple email addresses.

It's important to know that there can be a variable amount of email addresses associated with a business. If the platform finds 20 different emails, it will return all 20 different emails to you at no extra cost to you. You are only charged when the business is found with at least 1 email. If it has more than 1 email, the platform will show you all available emails at no extra cost.

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