Bulk Search

Bulk Search is a feature that allows you to upload a CSV of keywords, locations and a number of businesses you want to scrape.

The system will go and search based on the information you provide and send you an email when complete or when the search failed.

Example of a CSV template for Bulk Search.

If the information was uploaded as in the example image above, then the system would go and search for plumbers in San Jose, CA and it will run the search until it finds 5 businesses with at least one contact email per business.

Then it will automatically continue by searching for 5 plumber businesses in Cupertino, CA.

The bulk search process will continue like this until it has completed all the searches in your CSV OR until you run out of available search result credits.

How to find the right location names

When creating your CSV for a bulk search it is very important that the location you type into each row is a real, valid location in Google.

A very easy and simple way to check this is to have a new search open in ColdScrape where you can type in the location you are thinking of and select it from the dropdown menu.

How to know where a bulk search stopped

The system will create a new search for every row in your CSV that you upload.

If your agency account runs out of available search results the bulk search will stop.

When a bulk search stops you can go into the "Previous Searches" tab to see which search is most recent at the top.

In the example above I can tell that my bulk search stopped after it searched for Plumber in Clairemont, San Diego, CA, USA.

Now that I know that, when I go to my CSV document I can find the row for Clairemont and remove any locations prior to that.

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