Definitions for the ColdScrape platform


A "campaign" encompasses one or multiple searches, each targeting specific criteria. This flexibility allows for a broad or targeted approach, allowing you to customize your outreach to various business niches within a single, organized area.

Contact (Business Email)

A "contact" refers to an email address linked to a business's website.

For example, if the business's website is, a contact could be

It is crucial to understand that a business may have multiple email addresses associated with it.

Our platform is designed to identify and return all email addresses related to a business.

You are only charged for the identification of a business with at least one email address.

In cases where multiple emails are discovered, we provide all identified emails at no additional cost.

This policy guarantees that you receive all available contact information, enhancing your outreach efforts without incurring extra charges for multiple email addresses.

A new "search" is when you enter in a business type and a location. (ex. Plumbers in San Jose, CA)

Starting a new "search" involves entering in a business category and location, for example "Plumbers in San Jose, CA." This process ensures that the final search results are relevant businesses within your defined parameters.

Search Result (Business)

A "search result" refers to a business that meets your specified search criteria and possesses at least one valid contact, which is an email address associated with the domain of the business's website. (Remember, there can be multiple contacts in each search result (business).

White Label

White Label refers to the process of taking something someone else built and selling it as your own. ColdScrape was built from the ground up to be white labeled. You can add your own name, logo and domain name to customize the experience for your customers.

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